Available courses

    Focus on IELTS Foundation provides solid grounding in the language and skills required for the IELTS exam. It can be used as a stand-alone course or as a lead-in for the Focus on IELTS coursebook.

    ALTANMYA IELTS preparation course uses Focus on IELTS New Edition from Longman. In addition to exercises covering reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills.
    Focus on IELTS New Edition keeps the popular topic-based syllabus and has new material that helps students succeed in their future studies. The new edition includes:

    • 50% more language and vocabulary input
    • 2 completely new units
    • New texts and lead in activities
    • Exam tips
    • 4 new academic strands (10 Academic Style Sections, 10 Academic Vocabulary Sections, 5 Reflective Learning Sections, 5 Critical Thinking Sections)
    • Academic Vocabulary – systematically building up knowledge of word usage for academic studies.
    • Academic Style – focusing on key aspects of academic English for better understanding of academic reading and for better writing in an appropriate style.
    • Reflective Learning – helping students become independent learners.
    • Critical Thinking – developing analytical skills.
    • Exam Briefing boxes and Task Approach – giving essential information and advice about the IELTS modules and tasks.
    • Key Language Bank – providing language reference material with additional vocabulary and grammar exercises.
    • Writing Practice Bank – providing example answers to selected writing tasks and additional writing practice.